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Iggy Azalea with that 03’ Chingy flow

I’m even on the Hot Nigga remix, I didn’t even know it


Jennifer Marman and Daniel Borins

Jennifer Marman and Daniel Borins

slinging in the compact

slinging in the compact

when in doubt, make it a penis.

L train is a dong, bam there you go


still steaming about that deli dude, this is where I buy my seltzer and Advil PM everyone /

I am lost

Imma be like that dude updating his angelfire website but in like 2023

send pictures of your open wounds to my old girlfriend at

don’t give a ef, just gimme my livejournal back somebody

EDIT: it’s 2014, everyone’s on Whisper or some crap like that sending each other open wounds and shit

I like that tumblr doesn’t know it’s on it’s way out