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➜ Who Is Steven Reisman? Meet Hip-Hop VIPs' Favorite Lawyer, the Man With the $2 Bills

$2 bills


when your chilling with bae and she’s like “Tree Tavern Frozen Pizza crumbs make your bed smell good but feel funny”

Vanna White slip-ons

guy using ‘pwned’ in real life sentence /

awkwardly pronounces it and then tries to explain reference to group confused people

number 1 - I like that there’s ‘old’ internet people

number 2 - internet things belong to the internet - it can probably be let out if it’s cage on a local news network segment or perhaps a ‘check this out!’ YouTube sesh with co-workers, but that’s it

number 3 - I had an indian boss in highschool that would always explain things by asking a question and then answer it with a trailing off numbered list. I loved it because you know meant BUSINESS

➜ Wiz Khalifa: Blacc Hollywood | Album Review | Slant Magazine

"people ever say you look Dominican?"
“some, but I’m from India”
“same shit”

changing cats name to coconut curry shrimp

people on set discussing who eats more kale / New York or Los Angeles

(cool man)

Michael McDonald out the car now