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Hi midtown!

Hi midtown!

Hi Jesse!

Hi Jesse!

➜ Future, the Voice of Hip-Hop Today -

Black muslim unsure if ‘going HAM’ at nightclub is appropriate

I have one client that pays me direct deposit / always a surprise when they pay up and it feels like a sad freelancer version of Christmas on a Wednesday in April

when I said ‘right over the manhattan bridge’ I meant like four miles east, sorry dude

if you don’t skate we can’t date

referring to model friends as ‘pets’

oh for the days when a song about Sisqo’s dick could necessitate a seven minute music video that likely took months to complete” - Jesse on Sisqo’s Unleash The Dragon music video

2014 halloween I’m going to be an early 2000’s rap video background guy

still waiting on that Sisqo comeback